About the East Coast Mandolin Orchestra

The East Coast Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra is the brainchild of Mr. Mark Linkins, who currently serves as the Music Director of both the Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra in Philadelphia, PA and the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra in Baltimore MD.
2018 - Italian Film Music

Both the MMGO and BMO were combined for two collaborations during the 2017-2018 season. Initially called the "Ciao Philadelphia Orchestra", it also included musicians from 10 other mandolin orchestras, performing an entire program of music from classic Italian films. Excerpts from that performance may be found here.

The second collaboration involved the Munier Orchestra and various members of the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra (including five of the senior members of Baltimore’s innovative Mando for Kids program). Selections from that performance may be found here and here.

2019 - Woodstock and Beyond: Celebrating the Music of 1969

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival, the ECMO (now expanded to 110 musicians) performed a selection of music from 1969 from composers as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Michel Le Grand and Stevie Wonder and Alan Wilson of Canned Heat.